I've noticed that progress pages on Android and Web apps show different numbers. Android is on the left and Webapp is on the right:

alt text

alt text

Both are from the same day with no training being made between screenshots. Also, I have restarted Android app and refreshed web page before comparing. If I compare "Today" pages on both apps and "History" looks like Android shows correct values and Web is off. As of "Vocabulary", I know it's more of a virtual than meaningful value, as part of my progress was estimated during placement test, but at least they should match on all devices.

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Thank you for raising this.

We have a fix for it on next version of our Android app.

It's on slow roll-out since Wednesday. We will upgrade everyone early next week, in case nothing comes up from slow roll-out.

@Raul-Liive So, I got the update and it looks like you have fixed "Vocabulary page", but "History" still differs between Web and Android.


Thanks for the update.

I have confirmed the issue.

We will update the product to fix this issue.

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