Cyrillic cursive practice with MyScript Stylus

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    We've just learned that one of users, Sara Bickley, is using an app called MyScript Stylus to practise her cursive writing when learning Russian on Lingvist! The app recognises her handwritten letters and coverts them into typed letters. It is particularly useful for learning languages where cursive letters have a different shape than block letters.

    0_1484907203485_Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.00.39.png

    I've just tried MyScript Stylus on my phone and it worked like a charm!

    How to get it set up:
    - Download MyScript Stylus from the app/play store
    - Follow the app's instructions to add an additional keyboard in your phone settings
    - Select MyScript Stylus keyboard next time you are using Lingvist and practise your cursive

    P.S. Works for any app, not just Lingvist. Hope Sara will see this post, I'd really like to hi-five her for this discovery!

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