Who wants to learn Russian cursive?

  • Russian cursive can be challenging and needs some practice. Children learn handwriting from the first grade and have special workbooks for that. But as apps are becoming more and more popular in very different fields, there's even an app called MyScript Stylus to practise cursive writing.

    We've just learned that one of our users is using the app when learning Russian on Lingvist.

    What does the app do? It recognises the handwritten letters and converts them into typed letters. It is particularly useful for learning languages where cursive letters have a different shape than block letters.

    I haven't yet had time to try the app out myself, but one of my colleagues did and was quite happy with it.


    So here is how to get it set up:

    • Download MyScript Stylus from the app/play store
    • Follow the app's instructions to add an additional keyboard in your phone settings
    • Select MyScript Stylus keyboard next time you are using Lingvist and practise your cursive

    Thanks, Sara Bickley for this great discovery! I hope you will see this post 🙂

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