Possible mistakes in French?

I've been using the French course daily for around a week now, and I think I've seen some grammatical mistakes in French sentences:

  • Nouns without determiners
    Nouns often show up alone, especially after faire or avoir. I tried to look for an explanation, but I haven't found any source stating that objects of faire or avoir don't need any determiners. I've seen these very often.

  • Des followed by an adjective
    When followed by an adjective, the plural indefinite/partitive article should revert to de, but I've seen one or two sentences where it remained as des.

  • Noun adjuncts
    Sometimes noun phrases are composed solely of nouns. I think this is unacceptable in French, where you have to use de when combining two nouns.

However, since I'm still relatively new to French, I could be wrong - please notify me either way!


Avoir raison is a legit phrase, it isn't a mistake.

http://www.wordreference.com/fren/avoir raison

And for the rest, I don't really understand - could you give us some examples?

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