What is the meaning of the "numbers" in the iOS interface

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    Sometimes in the bottom of the screen a number is displayed instead of the keyboard toggle button. I can't reason what it is meant to be and what makes it to appear on some words.


  • For users who do not make an error or choose 'reveal'' , it would be helpful to know if there are other meanings and grammatical associations with a given word. Otherwise, it is tedious to go back to a page you've successfully completed, just to find it blank. In other words, I recommend that any page with more information be flagged, so that the user knows if t here is information that may be worth returning for.
    I know that's what was intended with the original design, but looks like that was not intuitive for some users.
    Thanks for a great app,

  • works@Lingvist

    We thought it might be fun to show you guys a new feature we're working on that will basically 'kill off' the pesky number above the keyboard discussed above.

    We're devising an automated and smart notification system that pops up after a user has either made a mistake, revealed the answer or navigated back to a card.

    We're calling this function 'tutor view' and incorporates grammatical tips, additional meanings and conjugation tables — all navigable using an incorporated footer and accessible through a 'buoy' button which appears above the keyboard.

    This is currently being tested within the native apps and trails are going very well, we're quite excited about it 🙂 We'll then create a similar system that users will be able to access prior to answering a card (again for native apps) before converting the lot over to the web app

    0_1486055127375_Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 17.03.31.png

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi Jarno 🙂

    You may have noticed that some cards include additional meanings for the required word, which appear below the main translation when the keyboard is down.

    So in the case shown here, the main translation is 'easy, simple' but there are also 2 other meanings for the required word, which you can view by bringing the keyboard down / pressing the number '2'.

    We understand that this is not as intuitive as we initially thought, so we have worked towards redesigning how we communicate and display items that traditionally appear instead of the keyboard area (Additional meanings, hints and tips, grammar tables, etc). We are testing this solution at the moment, and if all goes well, you should be seeing it on an update real soon 🙂

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