Problems on Desktop with the learning section


I have a problem since yesterday envening.
The learning section no longer works.
I cannot validate the current word and go to the next word.
Are you aware of this issue ?

Thank you

Hi, @romaincuvillier! I'm using the latest version of Firefox and have no problem at all. What browser are you using. Have you tried to clear chase and cookies and relogin to Lingvist?

Hello ,

I use Chrome (Version 55.0.2883.87)
Effectively, the bug seems to have disappeared.

Tank you for you answer.



I have seen 2-3 reports about this issue over past weeks.

There is probably a bug on our end.

We are looking into it, but unfortunately we have to yet been able to pinpoint the exact cause.

We know that it seems to reproduce very rarely, which makes it harder to catch.

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