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  • I just started the German course on Lingvist, and I'm excited at the opportunity to brush up on that language. However, I think the progress test is too short. It placed me at a much lower level than I would like, and I know most of the "new" words I'm seeing.

    I know the FAQ recommends starting a new account to retake the test, but I've also used the En-> Fr course, and I don't want to have a different account for each language.

    Of course, some additional review won't hurt me, and I'm really happy to see German!

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    Huh, it has taken me a while to get here...


    Thanks for your trust and glad to see you among our active participants, @dev_temp!

    I allowed myself liberty of having the insider's view to rename the title because (at the moment) it would serve @IceAly and the community better for two reasons:

    • tests are already adaptive for each learner, and we are constantly working on making them better (this isn't a case product team needs to review to decide its priority);
    • progress reset/retaking test (something that would solve IceAly's problem) is a feature I personally have been advocating for. To evaluate the scope and help me make a case for it, I encourage all learners to plus one here.

    P.S. Whoever demoted my previous post - does it make you change your mind?
    change my mind

  • With all due respect @Marina-Shutova , you better stop renaming the topics every now and again. The former title reflected the core idea of the topic much better than a new one. Judging by a number of "retake requests", a lot of people are not satisfied with their initial results and, in the topic you are pointing to, they suggest an easy to implement, but imperfect workaround. Ideally, there shouldn't be a need for retaking the test and people should be satisfied by their initial result. @IceAly made a suggestion on improving the test itself by making it "longer" i.e. by providing a user with a bigger set of words to make a more precise estimation. It may be a good or a bad suggestion, but anyway it's incorrect to play it down to initial test retaking. Both improvements are expected:

    • increasing of the overall test accuracy for most cases, so one wouldn't want to retake the test. Yep, it might be tricky to improve it, but it's worth trying;

    • ability to retake the test/reset the progress/remove and readd course so one, that managed to get the lower results due to unexpected circumstances (was distracted, had a headache or just a cat walking over the keyboard) would be able to retake the test whenever they wish.

  • works@Lingvist

    Thanks, @IceAly, I'd like to move this to an on-going discussion about retaking language placement test. Would you please +1 here?

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