Hi there, just popped onto the site today and had gone through a few words, only to notice that the number to meet the next goal wasn't going down. Upon refreshing, it disappeared entirely, and the analytics page is remaining blank.

Screenshots: http://i.imgur.com/jePP04G.png http://i.imgur.com/3YMXpE9.png (2nd is with the analytics tab open)



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Same here. Stopped at "6 cards left", when i refreshed, just blank down there. No analysis page either. Restarted Firefox, cleaned the cache and nothing changed.

Same thing here on Firefox on Chrome. The Android app works fine, but progress on the site doesn't appear to be saved. Clicking the four vertical bars to open the stats section is also blank (nothing loads).

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This is fixed for me now. Best, Tom

I have the same problem, when I start one lesson it is fine, but when i wan to to see my progress it is blank. maybe it is necessary to send a notification by email or index page. It is a shame for me.

Same here for me on Firefox 45.7.0


Thank you for raising this issue.

We have found the cause for the issue.

The bug seems to appear only between midnight and 3 AM, by your local time.

We are currently testing over the fix for this bug.

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