Verbs can be one of the trickier things to master. On one hand, the conjugations mostly follow patterns, on the other hand — there are so many tenses, forms, and exceptions. A good reference can make a big difference!

We've put together a running list of some useful verb conjugations resources for multiple languages. (multiple languages,includes dead languages like Latin, Etruscan, Occitan) (Russian)

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This is the only Estonian verb conjugator I found. Haven't used it much yet, but seems pretty good.

For Russian, I use Wiktionary and occasionally the Russian version, Викисловарь. It contains lemma forms, so you can search for a conjugated verb, find the infinitive, links to related verbs etc.

There are many french websites to conjugate french verbs because even french people wonders : "Is there a -s at this end ? Is it a -t or a -d ?" :D
It works with the infinitive form but also with the verb in any tense.
ex : sachent -> savoir (subjonctif présent, 3ème personne du pluriel.)


if you are using Linux, and learning French, there is the "Verbiste" program you can install.

Check your package manager.

A very good program.

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I use the Linguasorb app for my Spanish conjugations. I examined quite a few apps and found that this one had all the features I was looking for in such an App. It has lots of tenses, the ability to quiz yourself and an easy to use interface. Definitely recommend.

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