Algorithm acting strange (german version)

  • There are 324 words which I am supposed to repeat but the algorithm keeps showing me new words, ignoring the 324 words due. Is this a bug?

  • @marina Now on the website I am seeing 675 words waiting to be repeated. of course I don't know if algrothym will show me new words before I finish reviewing these 675 words or not.

    One thing I noticed is that the problem keep occuring on my phone (application). Then I decided to delete the application and dowload it again. But after I deleted it I couldn't get it back because it gave me the warning '' your phone is ot compatible with this version ''. So I believe maybe the problem happens with people who has old smartphones. Since application can not be updated maybe algorithym also doesn't update itself and get syncronised like that with the website.

  • @farat-aydan I've had the same problem since about one-two weeks. There seems to be a big in the Eng - De course. I think developers are aware and trying to fix the problem.

  • @marina Yes EN>DE course. Right now both on website and application I see 41 words to repeat. When I finish these 41 words it will start showing me new words. It has been like this for more than a week now. I already sent a mail with a screenshot.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @farat-aydan, I assume we are talking about the EN>DE course you are learning. If so, according to our stats it seems that at the moment you should have ~ 696 words to review. If you see zero in your app, this sounds wrong. Please send a screenshot of the words to review stack to with a brief description of:

    1. what happened just before the words disappeared (e.g. you launched the app, did a few cards, stats reset / something else happened)
    2. what happens now when you restart the app or do a bit of learning?

  • Ok now all the words that I was supposed to repeat dissapeared, It is as if I already repeated them. Now it shows 20 something words. Will someone look into this?

  • Okay it is official, There are exactly 324 words which I am supposed to repeat, or I am supposed to forget. but exactly when I reach to 324, program starts showing me new words. Which means that algorithm somehow forgot that I was supposed to repeat those 324 words. I can see on the left side of the screen the number 324. If i don't use the program and it becomes 360 lets say, till I reach 324 it makes me repeat the old words, but when I reach 324 starts showing new words.

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