Also ask for grammatical gender

As of now, the program does not force you to recall the grammatical gender of your vocab. You could just add gaps for the article and the endings of the adjectives belonging to the noun in question, thereby also creating an oppurtunity to train your declension skills.

@dominik-du, I guess the idea of Lingvist is to learn everything in context, so one will learn grammatical constructions from real examples putting grammar-specific drills aside. I doubt they would add boxes for endings or articles to the main mode, case it will tremendously increase the course size and complexity. And, as you probably recall, the idea is to allow someone to get into a language and understand as much as possible in a shortest period of time. Maybe, in future they'll create additional modes for those willing to go extra mile, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it. In a meantime, I think you'll get just a gist of a gender in a language as you go through the course, 'cause you still have to chose correct cases (consciously or by naive intuition) and declining the adjectives. It might not be enough for speaking, but should be sufficient for comprehension.

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