Cards to next milestone frozen

  • In russian course, whenever i practise late at night, number of cards to the next milestone freeze at some random number, i.e. first several cards are counted as I answer correctly, until the number freezes. Sentences themselves are not affected. Interestingly enough, this does not happen during daytime.

  • It will go up and down between 152 and 153, and back to 150 if I log out.

    I have same problem. Card counter start from 551 if I refresh webpage and it go up and down between 552 and 553.
    Now at 2:30 AM (UTC+3).

    Screenshot (ascending time):


  • This is not fixed. I've been continually having this problem with Spanish.

    I practiced up to 150 cards this afternoon then stopped. Now, at 1AM (UTC-8) the count refuses to go up. It will go up and down between 152 and 153, and back to 150 if I log out.

    Are you talking to different servers; maybe you have a synchronization problem between them?
    Or your system is a bit confused about what day it is and counts totals in an error-prone not entirely logical way?

  • @julius0991 interesting observation, it I guess it would make much easier for devs to look at it if you would specify your platform, time zone and approximate time you usually experience this.

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