In both Firefox and Chrome (in German course), when you click the "View" next to "Words in total" there are no words listed. The modal is completely empty. This has been the case since I signed up about a month ago. I thought it was a Chrome issue, but I just logged in from Firefox, and the problem persists.

I checked the network tab, and for the request

the response coming back has words array as empty with wordsLearnedTotal === 0. pagination is { current: 1, pages: 1 }

So not just a parsing error, but the API is not responding correctly.

Let me cite the official FAQ:

Why is my word-list empty?
Newly launched courses are still missing word-lists. We are working on getting them to you soon. As many of the Lingvist team are learning languages with the app too, this feature is always on our radar.

Also, it was answered before. So, it's just how it is. Be patient.

Sorry, I checked the Technical troubles forum only since that seemed like where it would be. And a bug aren't typically explained in the FAQ, so that's why I wouldn't check there (also I didn't know German was a new course; I just came and it was here!). I humbly suggest the link to hasn't-been-implemented be removed. That would make for better UI, and I can't imagine it's more than five seconds of work to comment out the anchor tag. Heck, if the link were removed, you wouldn't have anyone complaining about it not working since we wouldn't even know it exists! :) It'd make y'all's jobs easier.

Any ETA on this? Thanks.

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Unfortunately we don't have any exact ETA to this issue fix.

It's something which is high on our radar, but not very simple to fix.

Thanks for the update (didn't see it until now). I've started a manual list in parallel of words I learn through Lingvist in an Excel spreadsheet. I had expected this feature to get fixed and then I'd start looking up alternative definitions and usages of the words to help understand things. Without this, I think learning of the words is rather limited. I can tell from speaking with natives that in many instances I flat out can't use the words I've learned in Lingvist because I've only experienced each one in a very limited setting. Without a word list and the ability to study off of it, I think learning with Lingvist is going to be severely hampered. It's just too bad there are 1500 or so words for which I can't do this since I hadn't started a list on day one.

What I don't understand is how you can know it's a word I"ve learned in one setting (by marking it as a review) but you can't take that same data and make a word list. I'm sure tehre's some technical reason you're privy to, though.

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We have a purely technical reason why it's not there for some languages.

It's not connected about your learning progress knowledge at all.

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