My big problem with language!>_<

  • ****My big problem with learning is that I excited and have more energy to learning then I start to learn by my exciting tow or three days then I stop month then come back, that happened more and more with me.

    I have 3 or 4 notebooks that I wrote in it like my own dictionary and I don't know more of words in them ๐Ÿ˜ž

    if you have same my problem. come on let's do brainstorm solutions _****

  • The solution I've found to OP's problem is to set a fixed goal that is very modest, less than you think you can do, and then do it every day exactly. For me, right now I do 150 cards on Lingvist. Some days I could do way more, but other days I'm very tired and don't want to do any. By not going overboard on my good days, it keeps me from having too many cards on my tired days. I've kept at this for about a month and a half now and am at about 75% of words in the metric. I average about 25 minutes a day on Lingvist and 70-75% correct on my cards. 20-30 new words on average.

  • I have had also struggling with that problem, but then I found a website, DuoLingo, and from that time I don't struggle with that problem, for DuoLingo teaches so playfully.

  • @dev_temp Thank you. your comment is helpful. and I check this link. it's interesting thing really. ^_^

  • @Ave Thanks Ave. I think that your advice very helpful. even if i didn'y understand everything that you wrote but i got the total ^_^

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi @Mary-Ahmad ! I found the advice @Jen penned at the end of last year very helpful and it's much in line with the article @dev_temp shared. I'm learning Russian with Lingvist and I've tried to pace myself - it's better to do a little every day than to do sprints of learning every once in a while. I've been able to keep at it for a month already - my longest streak of selfstudy! Since the app is always at hand, it's very easy to find a bit of time here and there (while commuting, waiting for the coffee to brew, waiting for a colleague to join a meeting) to get my daily dose done by the end of the day.

    From my experience the energy and excitement you get is best to use for planning ahead a bit. Set a goal and think what it will take on a daily basis to reach it!

  • Count me in, @Mary-Ahmad. I've been struggling to make some progress in German for years. An I guess it's more than a language learning. Would you describe yourself as a procrastinator in general or it's just this specific language-specific problem? Anyway, I'd suggest you to read this article. I haven't gotten far since I had read it, but it definitely shads some light on a problem.

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