I’m new to Lingvist - where to start?

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    Our onboarding process for new learners is still in the making and we know that some of you would benefit from more instructions on how to get started.
    Our product team is working full steam on this task, so bear with us.
    working full steam
    Until they are ready, here is a brief guide on how to use Lingvist. Hopefully, it gives insight to questions that some of you might have.

    • To start out, the app will show you a white card with some words in the language you have chosen to learn and a blank space. Type the word (in the language you are wanting to learn) into this blank space.

    • If you don’t know the word (as mostly is the case when seeing a card for the first time), just hit Enter (or Reveal on mobile) and the answer will appear.

    • If you are a lucky star and get it right on the first try, the word will turn green and the sentence will be read out loud (given you have the sound on your device turned on).

    • Below the white card are translations in black that can help you in coming up with the correct target word.

    • A translation of the entire phrase is shown on top of the card. Press the Up Arrow (on desktop) or pull the card down (on mobile) to see the translation. If you click on the pin, the translations will always be shown. Click the pin again, and they will disappear.

    How to use Lingvist

    In the progress section on the top right, you will find a Today, a History, and a Vocabulary tab. The today tab shows you how many new words you have learned today in orange, the words that you have repeated correctly are shown as a percentage in green, and finally in black the number of total cards you have completed.

    Don’t be confused if your word list under the vocabulary section is still empty.


    Newly launched courses are still missing these handy lists. We are working on getting them to you soon.

    Finally, if you are looking for larger grammar topics (small ones will be shown under certain cards), simply click on the Grammar Tips icon right next to the learn section.

    0_1486721719228_Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 20.48.30.png

    And finally finally (really now!), if you have been using Lingvist for a while now (cheers to you), you may wonder where the reading and listening sections have gone (on the mobile apps and new courses).

    where the bleem

    As these sections didn’t meet our awesomeness expectations we have taken them down to rework them and bring these back in a better and greater way at some point in the future. For the time being, we invite you to visit "The Stacks" space here in the forum, where we invite other learners to share their preferred tools for practising reading and listening.

    As always, questions, requests, love, anything – Keep them coming 😉

  • @Baum, to answer your question in general: few Lingvist courses have listening and reading section. I assume your doesn't. They promise something unbelievably cool in near future, but it's hard to tell what it is essentially.

  • Is there more to Lingvist than these cards? I can see them getting boring quickly, especially as they're all just one word.

  • @andy I love Lingvist. As a user I had two questions:

    (1) Is there somewhere in your forums or website where I could read more about the methodology behind Lingvist? I remember reading on sign up that Lingvist uses learning methods that are proven to help you learn a language fast.

    (2) I noticed that sometimes when I click on words that I do not know in given sentences, it is saying "Translation Missing" (as of April 5, 2017). Is there a way to fix that?

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this project.

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