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If you really like (maybe even love?) Lingvist and our app has been of help in improving your language skills, this is the place to let us know!

Tell us what you liked, why, perhaps what great things resulted in you using Lingvist – did you pass a test?
pass a test
get a job?
get a job
or have a funner time on vacation because you could communicate, ...?)

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I prefer Lingvist over other language teaching apps/sites just because of its unique and simple approach.
And Lingvist basically has been the only thing that allowed me to really get into the learning process - it gave me enough fuel and motivation to keep learning French and strive for more. :P

Hey @ellen, one vote for the progress bar and the milestones. Something tells me it's going to be a good weekend!

I'm learning french at the moment i reach more than 200 new words so far. Using Lingvist is very easy for me. i am using the "learning" tab the most, haven't try out the other tab yet. And i love the simple design too.

Thank you Lingvist team.

I really love lingvist. The site design and android app is really beautiful. It is an addictive way to learn a language. I studied French in school years and years ago but I could neither speak it or understand it . It felt so mysterious and a version of the greatest punishment on earth to try to get a passing grade in it. Lingvist, has made me fall in love with learning languages. Who knew!
a giant Thank You!

Yes Lingvist is great. :D
I tried Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise but Lingvist is my absolute favourite for learning Spanish at the moment because it is simplistic, the vocabulary tab is encouraging and I really love the spanish voices that dub the sentence.
I am a bit jealous however that the English-French course has more features like a literature tab. I hope you add one for your English-Spanish course in the future. ;)
I only use the desktop version because I hate typing on my phone.
Keep up the good work! I'm at 500 palabras and still motivated.

Muchas gracias!

I think the best thing about Linvgvist is that it helps you to focus, and it is so empowering to see how many words have you learned exactly.

lingvist is very cool project. I can read some articles and watch a movie in the original voice acting with subtitles (for now). Recently I wacthed "Watchmen" in the original voice acting. It's was excellent! And I can watch the series as "The walking dead" in the original.
Lingvist excellent copes with the main thing for me. (reading and listening)
But for now I can't correctly write on English without google Translate. And I can't speak English. I think if I read more and watch then I will.
Thank YOU lingvist!

I love the way how Lingvist teaches us languages. It's method is so unique, and focuses not only on the meanings of each words but also how to use them. Lingvist has been my partner in learning French and from it, I learned so much essential vocabulary. The only bad-side I can think of is that it only offers four languages for English speakers; hopefully they add more soon. Thank you Lingvist, and to the magnificent team that made this website possible. You rock!

Don't like it at all I'm afraid.

@teresa1990w is there anything specific you don't like about Lingvist or it's totally emotional for you?

I don't seem to make much progress. It seems to be all about memorising sentences with no context. I wish it was possible to go back to the beginning so I could revise some of the words without having more added all the time. I'm getting totally frustrated. It's also quite boring - the same thing over and over again.

I have completed the learing of 5051 words (English) by Linvist. Can I continue to learn from the begining? The Lingvist system forbid me to do that.

what i like most is that the "sentence" (= A grammatical unit that is syntactically independent and has a subject that is expressed or, as in imperative sentences, understood and a predicate that contains at least one finite verb.) you give are in my mind already. they are already part of my discussions. So i have incentive.

There is something I really appreciate about a service: the way it cares about the design; Lingvist certainly meets the criteria.

I have just started using this service, but it looks really good. I wish there was a feature which is really crucial and would be very distinguishing from the other services:

Short movie clips with subtitles in the target language; thus one can learn far better because when we associate a word with something, the memory of such word becomes more enduring; one is able to understand the pronunciation better and also very importantly, it's good for entertainment.

For example, we can learn English by a 30-second movie clip with English subtitles of a Star Wars movie.

You guys would certainly stand out!

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After one long year of hard work with no success of learning Spanish at my university I joined Lingvist and immediately improved my grades while attending less classes than ever before. You are the best. Keep up the good work!

I only discovered Lingvist yesterday, and I am going to thoroughly recommend it to teacher colleagues and older students. I have written a blogpost here, enthusing about the ease of use, relevant langauge for the real world, accuracy, individualised approach, and sound pedagogy, Well done to the Lingvist Team and your clever founder, Mait Müntel! Here's a link to my eulogy! [Apologies for the long link.. I forgot to write a title before publishing it]

Hi! Great website and way to use modern technologies to teach languages! I would really like the ability to suggest new languages that you haven't thought of though. I'm moving to Belgium and would love to learn Dutch this way instead of the traditional route.

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@Pierre-Warnier there is a way to suggest a new language in the corresponding topic. Though, I haven't seen Dutch to be mentioned anywhere in publicly available road maps, so I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

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