Web Version tries to keep us out ;-)

The web version of Lingvist keeps showing "You've completed the Spanish memories section". This also happened to my girlfriend who is learning English (different acc) "Du hast Englisch von Lernen Sektion"(which is grammatically wrong German btw..). However, when I use the App on iOS I still keep getting "new words". So this is definitely not true and some kind of bug. I am also still at 2700 words. We use Windows and Mac with Firefox and Safari. I am a daily learner of Spanish.

@philip.kreissel Thanks for letting us know. I have fixed the German text (keine Ahnung wie das passieren konnte!) but regarding the technical issues, I am sure @Raul-Liive can help you.

Thanks for raising it Philip.

I have raised a bug about your issue.

You have learned few less than 2700 words. Our English to Spanish course has today bit more than 3000 words, so there should be plenty more to learn.

Bug Id - FE-260

My online version is now working but my app just gave me an empty screen after finishing my repeat stack...

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