Easy Spanish grammar for English speakers [1]: The Present

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    Welcome to the first post of the series Easy Spanish grammar for English speakers!

    Bearing in mind your feedback, we have selected a series of topics that we will develop in a series of posts. We hope our advice will help you learn Spanish with Lingvist even faster 😉

    Let's get down to business then!

    get down to business

    Do you know what a Spanish-speaking person would ask you if he/she wants to know where you are going? He/she would say: ¿Dónde vas? Now, if you translate that literally, you'd say something like this in English: Where do you go?

    How come?

    Knowing the different verb forms is, of course, very important, but it is also important to analyse the context where we find them.

    We think the easiest way to understand these differences is creating a chart where you can find all the equivalences between English and Spanish present tense forms. We have also added some comments that will help you understand those contextual differences we have previously mentioned.



    Please share your questions, comments and/or ideas with us!

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje!

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