Vote for your most wanted language pair here!

Many of you request other language courses in various threads. Based on various stats and metrics we have, we created this poll with many top languages requested.
Vote for your favourite one or post below if your language pair of choice is not included. To vote just click on your choice, then click "vote". Note that only one answer per user is possible for this poll.

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Since I voted for Arabic, here are some pictographic mnemonics to learn the syllabary in the meantime:

Part 1
Part 2

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I would love to have option to vote for English to Arabic and English to Russian, but unfortunately seems like the voting is either finished or it just does not work with my browser.
I miss the reading part from Spanish course - maybe it is not there yet or is it only me, who does not see it?

@Merx Thanks for writing in. I will have to get back to you about the poll... it doesn't seem to work right now for me either.
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Regarding the reading section in Spanish, check out this thread.

We already offer Russian for English speakers. Just go to account and add it to your languages.

alt text

Will get back to you about the voting though... ;)

Thanks Lisa! I found Russian. But another question - somewhere was mentioned Japanese for English speakers - just out of curiosity - is it available or not yet?

@Merx No, unfortunately Japanese is not available yet. Hopefully Russian and Spanish will keep you busy for now :) . Also be sure to check out the individual language studios.

@Merx Hi again! :) We have learned a lot about polls this morning ;)!

We have your vote for Arabic, but as you can only vote once, it didn't allow you to vote for Russian anymore.

Your feedback made us realise that we needed a bit more instructions and that the way the polls are set up, isn't entirely intuitive.

I have amended the instructions a bit and hopefully it will be clearer to users!

I would love to see English to Esperanto. There are many more Esperanto learners than ressources that teach it. This course would be very well received by Esperanto speakers, and they may promote your website.

I really love the way Lingvist works but, I am primarily studying Hindi and Persian, so English to Hindi or English to Persian would be amazing additions, especially considering how relatively neglected they are in terms of good study materials (compared to other languages like French or Italian).

Vote button does nothing for me. English to Swedish and English to Japanese are my two wishes.

Hey @electricpenguin, you click on the language you want to vote for, then click "Vote". Confusing, we know! But alas...

@Vanege Duolingo has an Esperanto course.

Hebrew from English/Spanish

English to Chinese. * smiling plus, 10000 votes*

English to Arabic please. If word spreads around the Islamic world about the speed with which the 1billion+ non-Arab Muslims can learn Arabic with Lingvist, your website may become the next Amazon!!!

Svenska for english speakers :)

English to Simplified Chinese
(but also Trad. Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

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