International Mother Language Day: Give your mother language a hug!

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    In case you missed it, today is International Mother Language Day. One might wonder what the point is to celebrating your mother language, but when it comes down to it, mother languages truly deserve some love.

    The holiday has been celebrated since 2000, but it has an interesting, longer history: A day to celebrate our mother languages, peace, and multilingualism born out of a movement to defend people's rights to use their mother tongue.

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    Mother languages get a tough deal. In our world today, we spend a lot of time working to move away from our mother tongue. Multilingual skills are prized on the job market, seen as a personal goal to give us more mobility to travel with ease, and to be actively engaged global citizens.

    But, who are we without our mother language? We can't even learn a second or third or n-th language without our mother language to start from. Our mother language shapes who we are, even when other languages are in the driver's seat.

    The truth is, mother languages — much like our mothers themselves — often get overlooked as just "being there". Take a moment today to think about your mother language and how it's served you. Consider how it's even helped you to learn another language... then go learn that language right now!

    We'd love for you to share your thoughts and feelings on your mother language(s), how they've shaped or helped your language learning, and how you use it for learning tricks! Tell us in the comments what you think!

  • My mother language is English and it's possibly the most boring language in the world!
    My mother's family spoke Scots Gaelic and my mother used it as a child, but never taught us. (She used it only with her grandparents and stopped when they died).

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    Anyone out there got more than one mother language? I'd be really interested to hear how you feel it helps/changes your approach to language learning!

    I always felt my mother languages helped me, since I'm always trying to find the connections, similarities and common patterns between things!

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