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Hello everyone!

Need help with changing your email, password, or the language you’re learning? We’ve created a little how-to below. :)

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To change your email/password

  1. Go to Account > Profile
  2. Click on your email/password
  3. Enter the NEW email/password that you want to change to
  4. Save Changes - If you're only changing your password, then you're all set here ;)

  1. If you're changing your email, you will receive a verification email at the NEW email address
  2. Follow the link in the email and you are done!

email link

If you forgot your password

  1. Click here to change your password

  2. Enter your email and hit “send”*
    *make sure to only click the button once, otherwise you will end up with multiple emails sent to you. As only the most recent email carries the active link, you may get an error by clicking a “wrong” email.
    Reset Password

  3. Check your email — you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.

  4. Follow the link in the email

  5. Enter your NEW password

  6. Done!

email linkt

To add a new course/switch the language

On the webapp
Go to Account > Courses > Add a language course > Click on the course/language you want to add> Done!

Go to Account > My Languages > Add Course > Click on the course/language you want to add > Done!

Go to Account > My Courses > Add a course > Click on the course/language you want > Done!

How to remove a course

This option is only available on the desktop app (in your computer browser). Go to Account> Courses> Manage > Archive to archive a course.
How to remove a course

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