Why am I seeing these words - again?

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    Hey guys, we’ve been getting some questions from you about the flow of the cards, and the (re-)occurrence of some words. To answer your questions, allow us to introduce:

    Drum roll

    Spaced Repetition!


  • I'm not particularly interested in a functionality or feature to switch off "unnecessary" words. Lingvist is teaching the most frequently occurring words in a language, and as such, I want to know all of them.

    I have repeatedly noticed that words that seem superfluous initially, end up coming up frequently.

    For example, I'm not really that into sports...but...(1) other people talk about sports a lot anyway and if I am immersed in a culture I'm gonna encounter people talking about sports (2) people use sports as metaphors and analogies so knowing those terms actually ends up being essential to talk about other things.

    I haven't ever learned a word in Lingvist that I thought was superfluous or unwanted.

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    Can I switch off the words I find “unnecessary”?

    This is not possible at the moment, but we would love to hear your thoughts. If you were able to choose the type of words you could learn, reply below to let us know how and why you would use this function!

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    When will new words come up? I’ve completed X number of cards and am not getting any!

    You’re definitely on the right track! New words will be coming to you once the repeat stack is down to zero. You can check your repeat stack by going to My progress > Today > Words to repeat!

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    I'm getting a bit frustrated from all this repetition...Does it have to be this way?

    It is perfectly normal to feel frustrated - it means that spaced repetition is doing its job! If, however, you feel that it's too much, explain us the details of your situation below. Would you find that learning "How to Learn" materials might be helpful?

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    Can I know or have a sneak peek of what will be repeated?

    Nope, because then your repetitions won’t be optimal!
    alt text

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    Why do I see a lot of repeat words/easy words that I’ve already learned all of a sudden?

    This is because the optimal time to revisit material is calculated by Lingvist based on your personal interaction and learning history with the app.

    In other words, if you nail a bunch of cards in a row at the beginning, then it’s likely that those cards will be presented again to you in the future as a bunch (which might seem like an unexpected “wave” of previously learned words occurring all of a sudden.) At the same time, if your recent accuracy level was low, a lot more words will enter your repeat stack and thus you may see your numbers “jump”, especially if you’ve also taken a break in your learning.

    As we learn more about your individual learning style, our algorithm fine-tunes and improves with you to ensure you are learning words at the optimal time. So the more you learn (and the more repetitive your learning is), the better the algorithm adapts to you individually.

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    What is Spaced Repetition?

    Spaced repetition is a way to “hack your brain” to help it store the information that you want/need longer, better, and more efficiently!
    Here’s a great video on how it works (made by Osmosis, a company which offers spaced repetition courses for medical students):

    When learning with Lingvist, we calculate the most optimal time for you to review vocabulary based on what you’ve already learned and how you learn. This means you won’t need to worry about reminding yourself when to review - we take care of it for you!

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