Missing Special Characters

I am learning German from English. I use Firefox (version 51) to open Lingvist. Yesterday evening (UTC+7) I started having trouble with the special characters menu. I had been gladly using the shortcut outlined here, but it stopped working. I could still open the menu, but pressing the number that corresponded to a given character gave the number, not the character. I resorted to using the mouse. Now, the mouse button to open the character menu is gone, and SHIFT+UP also does not work. The only way I have to enter in special characters is by copy-pasting from another document or site. This is a serious issue that is preventing me from using Lingvist at all for the time being.


Thank you for reporting the issue. I have created a bug report and I hope it will be fixed soon. I am also stuck in the "German" course because of this bug :)


@goodbyemrevans-lingvist2, we were pretty surprised to see the diacritic button disappear ourselves!

As @Andres-Kaasik mentioned, we are working on getting it back. We'll update this thread.
Thanks for being our learner in times of trouble!

It looks like they're back, thanks!

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