Different method for difficult words

  • Hello and thank you for your amazing website!

    From time to time I have found that some words are particularly difficult to learn (can't think of a mnemonic rule or similar word in another language for them). As a result, I keep making the same mistakes over and over again and my learning rate deteriorates.

    My suggestion is to dynamically (and temporarily) change the method when a repetition of a few times is detected. For example:

    • A table opens where the user might need to write the word 5 times. This is what I would have done by hand if I was learning the language the traditional way. Clearly not very modern or motivating but might work.
    • A picture or a mnemonic rule is shown. This would be the most effective way but would probably translate to a lot of work for you. It might also be difficult for abstract terms.
    • Different sentences come up for the same word. Might work, as long as the user is not confused.

    The most important thing is to stop me and force me to think, instead of automatically going to the next sentence. I hope you will find a solution. Keep up the good work!

  • I totally agree.
    I have a couple of words I can seem to remember or confuse with others,
    I would suggest the first of your examples, writing the word 5 times, "new word = translation", in order to make it clear.

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