Put feedback button on the card

Hey guys, peer review needed!

peer review

In privater letters some learners asked "Why not put a feedback button on the card?"

This may be a cool idea, let's brainstorm it a bit:

  • What type of feedback would you want to give directly on the card? (Synonyms? Heaven forbids misspells?! Unclear context for the word or questions about the word itself?)
  • Where should this type of feedback land on the forum? (Given that we have different learners in different language pairs.)

Give it a thought, account for the forum structure and shoot your ideas! Remind yourself it takes about 9 questionable ideas to come up with a good one and... discourse - we love it <3


P.S. Thumbs up if you like the idea overall. Likes are metrics nowadays...

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As far as I am concerned Lingvist's greatest advantage is it helps you to focus, and with my history of doing more than 2000 cards a day not once, I can tell you that the last thing I want is some more superfluous text or symbol near the card area.

I also wanted to send feedback concerning some specific cards, but as I was progressing I discovered that my earlier feedback idea was unjustified, so it was actually good that I did not flood you with those.
It could be a solution to only allow people send feedback if their learned word count surpasses 3000.

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