Discussion: Women and Language Learning

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    So it's International Women's Day, and people the world over are celebrating, reflecting on, and raising awareness about the situation of women in our society.

    Much of the discussion is about the chances for women to get education, training, and professional opportunities which exist, or more importantly still don't have.

    Though true for anyone, language education and multilingualism is key for women — not only to move ahead in educational and working lives, but to also have the independence and power to pursue their goals in our global society.

    I came across this great conversation by three female language power-learners, talking about being women polyglots and how language learning affects the quality of life for women.

    It's a great listen if you're interested in women's issues, language learning, or even just want something long to listen to to practice your listening skills in English.

    What did you think of the discussion? Add your opinion! We'd love to hear it!

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