Our German course is getting an update!

Great news if you're already learning or interested in learning German with our recently released course. The German from English course is about to get bigger!

This means twice the words and twice the practice for you to use to in your small habits and milestones!

alt text

The new additions to the German course will be released in the coming weeks, so watch this space for an update once they're on your Lingvist app.

Haven't tried our German from English course yet? Get started today and let us know how you progress!

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@Jen This is great ! 995 words is already great but 5000 would be even « besser » !

@Perceval We're getting there. The update should slightly more than double the course size, and there are planned updates in the near future.

That's strange: for me it didn't even come close to doubling the course size. I had topped out at around 3000 words before the update, so I was expecting around 6000 after the update. But Lingvist just informed me I've completed the course at 3945 words.

Guten Morgen @talgoxe ! Sorry for the confusion. The German course will eventually have 5000 cards. Instead of making users wait until all of them are ready however, we have decided that we will do it in two stages: to 4k first and then to 5k in the next while. :)

@Lisa-Ockinga Great, thanks for the clarification! Looking forward to the next expansion :).

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