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    I wanted to give you a bit of information about what exactly you see on our cards.

    Let us start with synonyms!


    Ever put in a word that seems like it should be the correct translation and works in the context but you get it WRONG?
    alt text

    Frustrating, we know!

    That’s why we have added synonyms where we felt they are necessary. Shoot us an email from the app if you’d like to suggest a synonym for a particular word!

    Here are some tips to navigate the card and bring up translations (these can also be found in our forum FAQ section).

    On desktop:

    • Click on a single word to see its translation and hear its pronunciation.
    • Double-click on any word in a sentence to see the translation of the entire phrase.
    • Press the Left arrow key to return to the previous card.
    • Press the Right arrow key to reveal the answer.
    • Press the Up arrow key to show/hide the sentence translation. * There’s a toggle next to the sentence. Click on the toggle to keep the translations visible at all times.
    • Press Shift+Up arrow to bring up diacritics menu

    On iOS:

    • Pull the card down to bring up the translation.

    On Android:

    • Press the pin to keep sentence translations visible at all times.
      0_1489223346054_Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 10.08.52.png

    Next, let’s talk about phrasal verbs!
    Some of you have asked if you can learn phrases such as “to break up” (hopefully won’t be needing that soon), “to dig in” (always a good one) or “to come across” (for the next Pokémon adventure). This is not possible yet, but it is on our radar and, I, in particular, am pushing for it hard as it would also be helpful for German separable verbs!
    So hold tight and +1 below if you think this would be important.


    And lastly, some have asked if you can insert your own words to be repeated or turn some words off you don’t find necessary. This is also an idea that is definitely worth thinking about and, again, +1 below if you would like to see this in future updates.

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