Cancelled my Lingvist Unlimited subscription but it doesn't work! Please help!

  • Lingvist graduate

    Last year I purchased a subscription that expires on January 2 of 2019, and I wanted to cancel it so it wouldn't renew automatically. When I tried to do so, there were already two subscription plans, even though I never bought a second one for 2019. Now this is what my subscription plan looks like. Does that mean that I was charged another year of Lingvist Unlimited?

  • @kiveli-papadopoulou Same thing happened to me. And not only I have been charged, but I have also found out that they actually charged me twice! Unbelievable. I already sent an email to Lingvist, but of course, no reply since today they are on holidays, how convenient. You should check your bank account, hope they didn't do the same to you though. What a great present from Lingvist to the New Year, thank you very much.

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