the no. of words to practice don't go down after completing them

  • They go down and sometimes goes up. For example, if it says I have 350 words to complete sometimes I would have to finish 800 cards (in less than a day) for words to practice to show up as 0. I want to learn new words!

  • @javier Now website works how it is supposed to for me.

    One thing I noticed is that the problem keep occuring on my phone (application). Then I decided to delete the application and dowload it again. But after I deleted it I couldn't get it back because it gave me the warning '' your phone is not compatible with this version ''. So I believe maybe the problem happens with people who has old smartphones. Since application can not be updated maybe algorithym also doesn't update itself and get syncronised like that with the website.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hi there!

    Sorry, we’ve been struggling with the pesky bug since last December. A second update just went out earlier today. Please refresh /restart your apps and let us know if you get to see repeats! If not, shoot your cases to and include a short description.

    Happy learning!

  • There seems to be a bug in the DE-ENG course. Developers are aware of it, according to support.
    My problem is the other way around. I keep getting new words all the time, before my old word stack ist finished, resulting in a huge, still growing stack of "unfinished" words (right now >400 words to repeat).

    Developers will probably fix the issue soon.

  • I'm also having the same problem, often more than 300 words are needed to get the 20 words or so. Even today at the start of the day the count was 60, I've finished 177 cards with 94% repetition and a streak of 63, which makes no sense. I tried seeing what is happening with the stats open in a tab, seems like someone got their basic math wrong, it seems to loop around even without making any mistakes when the counter reaches < 5. Seems like a serious enough bug that I'd feel bad if I'm a paying customer

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