When I try to log in with my account on the site, the page freezes.

  • After this happens and after I return to the site, it just displays a blank screen. This has been happening for a couple of days. The screenshot of what the site looks like is below:

    0_1547320170969_lingvist blank.png

  • The problem is fixed now.

    I had been using my google account to sign in to Lingvist, as this is what I first used to create an account. Instead, today, I changed my password, then tried using just my email and password to sign in and it now works. I am still not quite sure why using my google account to sign in would have this problem in the first place, but I'm sure the Lingvist technical team could tell me - if they were to bother to reply...

    , Tom

  • I have experienced the same problem for several days. This happens both at my computer and mobile app. I wonder if Lingvist staffs are working on solving the issues.

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