Will the Portuguese course ever return?

  • I know there used to be an English to Portuguese course before but it was probably removed at some point. Will it be returning at any point?


  • Hi @Alex-Zorach

    I doubt they will follow your suggestion as up to 3000 can be used with "Lingvist Free".

    What is the point in providing "Unlimited" yearly member subscriptions which just take affect for >3000 words when they would add 1-3+ courses below this mark and paying members do not really benefit?

    I still wonder why the PT audio cannot be turned ON for the reverse PT->EN course when the system is able to show the Portuguese sentence at the top.

  • I also would really like to see a Portuguese course. I've completed the three courses in the languages I am most interested in. I already speak some Portuguese but it's a language I have been wanting to actively maintain / improve.

    I'd strongly prefer them to add, say, the first 1000 words in Portuguese or another new language, to adding more words to existing languages.

    Once I get to the 3000-4000 word mark, it's pretty easy for me to continue learning through immersion. It's harder though to get to that point...and the hardest point is often getting to the first 1000 words. This is why I'd rather the people running Lingvist prioritize adding new languages over adding new words to existing courses.

  • When was this?
    I checked end of last year (2017) and it was not there.

    See the votes for a new EN-PT course: https://lingvist.com/forum/topic/219/vote-for-your-most-wanted-language-pair-here

    There is a Portuguese->English course already available.
    Maybe you are confusing both?

    Even this course can show the PT base sentence at the top, it won't play the (source) Portuguese audio sentence, unfortunately.

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