Forum says goodbye

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey, good folks of the forum!

    It’s a pleasure to have each one of you reading this post because it means that you made it here! Ironically, this also is going to be one of the last posts here because we are saying goodbye to the community as we knew it on this forum.

    We launched this forum in November 2016, hoping to create a space for our learners to reflect on learning done on the app. During these 2+ years, we’ve realised that the format of a standalone forum doesn’t offer such a possibility. We are planning to continue our community building, however, we will be experimenting with different channels. For the time being, we invite all of you to join our regular channels: blog, Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch.

    If you are a free user, you can email your questions to
    If you are an Unlimited user, you can send us questions in-app by going to Account> top right corner > contact support.

    If you wish to share with us your feedback about this forum, shoot us an email to, or leave a comment below.

    Many thanks for all that has happened here, and hope to see you learning with us!

  • admins

    @dev_temp Hi! I know how you feel, there is some really great stuff on here. However, I'm moving threads that are really useful to our blog. If you have one that you think is worth keeping, please let me know and I will make sure it migrates to the blog.

  • It took surprising almost two years of a deliberate effort to kill everything that was built here, but yeah, mission accomplished. Congrats!

    Take care!

  • Not a huge surprise, seeing the lack of engagement of late. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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