Our upcoming language pairs — and more!

UPDATE 8.3.2017
Some new language pairs have gone live, in case you've missed it!

Now fully available:

English from Chinese (traditional and simplified)
Spanish from English
German from English
Russian from English
English from Portuguese
English from Japanese

Lingvist is in the middle of some really exciting developments. Along with a completely new version of our app coming your way, we also have an update about new language pairs!

Currently in testing or by invitation only:
English from Japanese
Russian from English
Spanish from English

You can be put on the list to become a tester and get early access to these courses by clicking on the links above to sign up.

Invitations for testing are sent out in batches and may take some time to arrive once the course has been opened to early access learners. Those who sign up for early access later may miss the beta period, but will be amongst the first to be notified of the full language course launch.

In 2017 we’re committed to bringing you:
German from English
English from Portuguese
English from Chinese (simplified and traditional)

Don’t miss the latest updates on our big app update, new language pairs, and more by staying tuned to this forum, or following Lingvist on Facebook and Twitter.

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European Portuguese or Brazilian Portuguese?

@gvbntiet European Portuguese this time. Is it what you were looking for?

That's so exciting! There are so few European Portuguese materials out there.

@Marina-Shutova That is great news indeed! There's hardly anything out there in EP, this plugs a real gap!

Are there any plans for an English to Estonian course? I see there's Estonian to
English already. :)

@Samuel-Walladge, this is a popular question among our learners linked to Estonia. We would absolutely love to bring it to you, but right now we're focusing on the courses published above.

No plans for Italian? :'( But why?

and for French > German, no plans too ?

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Add Dutch for French Speaker. Very important for Belgian People :)

Italian for french/english learners ;)

i wish there were comprehension quesitons for the reading and listening

I'd love to see Dutch for English, Dutch for Spanish and Yiddish for English (Yiddish is my native tongue, but I'd still love a course for it so others can learn it)

Excited about Portuguese!! Would love to see English > Italian too.

I'm so happy for the EN > ES and EN > RU. Now, all I need is the EN > DE.

Any chance of: Tagalog, Korean, Japanese, and Latin for English speakers?

An update for French to German coming soon ?

Really glad you've made EN-DE available! Thank you!
Can we expect reading and listening sections for German learners as well? Is there any milestone for adding them?

I'd love to see Korean/Norwegian for English speakers.
Currently I'm using DE-EN course and it's really good, I already know German, but it's a pleasure to watch how much informations are here. Really good job :)

Wow, your team is hard at work! Thank you for all the new/upcoming language pairs - I'm especially excited about EN > DE!

I hope you will consider an English to Italian course after current projects.

All the best.

English > Italian per favore! :)

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