Type ahead causes unintended reveal

  • This happens on both the web interface and the iOS app.

    • I type a correct response on a card and hit return on the keyboard. ("Weiter" on the German keyboard).
    • A see the green "correct" highlight.
    • Then there's a delay while the voice reads out the sentence.
    • During that delay, if I hit return again, I would expect Lingvist to display the next card and allow me to enter a response.
    • Instead, Lingvist displays the next card revealed, because the return was stored and applied to the next card as a request to reveal.

    This is very frustrating and spoils progress, as I am revealing more cards than I need to. I often work with sound turned off as I know how to pronounce German and may be in an area where I don't want to disturb others, or may just find the voice readout too slow.

    A solution would be to prevent type ahead being carried over to the next card.

    Here's another suggestion: mark a response correct as soon as the user enters it, without the user having to hit return or check. The user gets rewarded for doing the right thing rather than checking what they did. This is how Memrise works and I find it makes the right answer instinctive - possibly a similar effect to clicker training.

  • I've seen this happen, too.

    iOS app.

  • works@Lingvist

    Ouch! Sorry about that @electricpenguin . Would you check if the bug goes away if you refresh the page (in case with Safari)?

  • @Marina Argh! right now it's not happening but also sound is not working. I have the sound turned on and turned up to max but I'm not hearing anything. Will keep trying to reproduce. Seriously, this bug was incredibly annoying when I started using Lingvist.

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @electricpenguin, I've tried it with the German course on iOS 10.2.1 (app version 2.3.7) and Mac Safari (10.0.3), can't reproduce it. Could you perhaps shoot a video from the Mac Safari session for us?

    Guys, if anyone experiences the same thing - please +1 👇

  • I'm using Mac Safari and I saw this happen today, but I don't have a precise way to reproduce. However it happens all the time on the iOS app.

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