Spanish and Arabic: It's not a coincidence they have so much in common.

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    For those of you who might be surprised to find that Spanish and Arabic have a lot in common linguistically, this great little video is here to tell you that it's not a coincidence.

    I love seeing their reactions when they realise how in tune the two languages are, and the little linguistic history lesson at the end is a nice little sum up on why these similarities are there. It's also a great reminder of how interconnected languages are!

  • My favourite is "zanahoria" - when I started with Spanish, and met in our textbook that word, I could not believe it is really in Spanish, because for my ear it sounds just weird and out of its place. Talking to some native speakers, some of them (especially Latin-Americans) admit it sounds strange compared to other truly Spanish words, but they never thought about its origin and on the other hand - some of them say that they have knowledge since early childhood that lot of words are originally taken over from Arabic roots.

  • Well, that's is true. There was much interchange between such languages.

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