Learned vocabulary page shows only last 8 words

  • I can order the words differently, but there's always just one page, next and last buttons are grayed out. I'm using Lingvist from computer, browser is Chrome.




    Also the total is always showing 0 words.

  • @Raul-Liive I'm still having the same issue for the French course. I can order the words but I can't change page numbers.

  • i`ve always have the sae issue in english course

  • I've always had the same issue with French since I first signed up. It doesn't paginate at all.

    I tried spoofing some requests to your API and kept getting the same data; the server doesn't seem to respect the page number parameter in the JSON request data object

    The response object also says there's only one page, so it's no surprise the front end doesn't offer pagination links.

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