Lingvist Usability Testing — Participants needed

  • Hi everyone 👋

    Andy here! You might know me as one of the product designers at Lingvist. As a product designer, it's important for me to know what you think and want from Lingvist — and how we can help you learn more efficiently. To do this, we are going to start some usability testing on certain new features and want to invite you to participate.

    What is usability testing?
    Usability testing happens when you're asked to perform a certain task with Lingvist, and someone from our product team observes how you do it. This can happen in person or remotely.

    Why start usability testing?
    Usability testing helps us find any possible problems before we fully develop and release a new feature. It also gives us important insights on things already in the product that could be improved.

    User feedback is one of the most important things to build a great product. This gives us a chance to talk directly with you, the people who use Lingvist every day, about topics like:

    • How do you feel about using Lingvist?

    • Do you use any other methods/tools to help you learn languages?

    • What motivates you to start learning a new language?

    • Do you have any frustrations during the learning experience?

    Want to help us make Lingvist even better, sign up with the form below. Got questions? Post them here and I'll be happy to answer them!

    👉 Lingvist Usability Testing Signup Form 👈

    Your information will only be used for the purpose of usability testing within Lingvist.

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