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    I did my first ten cards with no mistakes. I don't seem able to go any further. I press the > (forward) button but it doesn't progress, just repeats the last noun. I'm fed up with hearing 'mère'.

    Is there a howto somewhere ?


  • I don't have a smartphone !

    I've just logged in for the second time; it presented two more nouns and doesn't progress beyond that however often I hit the '>' (forward) button.

    It was the browser (Firefox) ... it works in Opera, although LastPass keeps getting the way. I'll sort it.



  • Well, there are couple of how tos and FAQs, but your problem is just straight out of line and not covered by those. It is not supposed to loop after 10 words. Is it happening on Webapp or on your smartphone? Have you tried to switch to a different source (from web to phone or vice versa)? Have you tried to log out/log in?

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