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    We’ve designed Lingvist Community (forum) to help people reflect on and discuss their language learning achievements and challenges. We’ve built this site as a mirror of Lingvist-the-company and would like to run it on the same social agreements we use in our organisation. Take a moment to read them through--these are also our company values — and, should you agree, welcome to Lingvist Community!

    We take effort in shaping our thoughts in a clear form for others to understand, we keep on-topic and check if something we want to discuss has already been brought up publicly to avoid creating duplicate discussions. If we overlook and create a duplicate, we move the discussion and erase the original misplaced post.

    We want to work as part of inspiring and intelligent team. We give people credit when quoting their work by sharing a source link, we do our own fact checking to be certain the information we share is verified, and we only share someone’s public data, and leave their private data just what it is — private. We allow creative usage of swear words, as long as it looks like a piece of art and inspires for language learning! Same goes for images. Whenever uncertain, we check with a close group of people first, before sharing it with a wider community. When in doubt or unsure, you can always contact a moderator — they volunteered to guide you, so it’ll make their day!

    We embrace working independently on personal challenges and we seek self-realisation through celebrating diversity. Every new language opens a new door of perceptions and offers us tools to better ourselves, which didn’t exist when our challenges came to exist. We understand ourselves better by making the effort to better understand others.

    We trust in radical candour and ask for it from our teammates and peers. When our teammates and peers ask for radical candour from us, we make an effort to phrase our feedback analytically, so we can become better at giving feedback and our teammates and peers can improve. As our roles are dynamic and change, we can practise being better listeners and idea communicators at the same time. We like thanking each other as a reminder of that.

    We hold up our end of the bargain to get things done and leave others an email address at which we can be reached. If you need to reach us, email

    That’s all — except one last thing! Our CEO is a nuclear physicist from CERN. He helped to find the Higgs boson. We have special methods which we’re waiting to try on pesky violators. We call it “nuclear disintegration” and we have an underground bunker where can do it. But as long as we all play nicely and are good to each other, there’s nothing to worry about!

    Happy Learning!

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