More reveal problems

Version 2.4.(257), iOS app version.

If before attempting to translate the required word, I tap on a word in a phrase to see its meaning and then tap off it in a white part of the screen, the required word is revealed, even though I haven't attempted to translate it yet.

This cannot be intended, I hope.

Actually, it's not just that.

If you tap on the right side of the screen (I'm on an iPad Pro in landscape mode and now the current card is displayed and the prev/next cards are partially displayed).

So, if you tap anywhere on the RHS, it assumes you want to reveal. This happens whether you look at a word in the sentence or not.

Not yet fixed in build 258

Still not fixed in build 259

@Les-Cullen you keep waiting for a fix like it was ever confirmed by any of Linvigst staff as a bug. I assume it might be a design decision for small screens or something like this. Why you keep taping random parts of the screen instead of input field anyway?

@dev_temp Because when a hint / popup / tooltip is open, and the rest of the screen is dark to bring focus to that tooltip, clicking off away from it should close it. This is standard UX behaviour that you can see across the Internet, and in applications. There isn't even an "x" so you're forced to close it by clicking away.

I know I wouldn't want the answer revealed to me if I wanted to know a word of a sentence before I attempted to answer.

With that said, I can't reproduce this bug with the latest iOS. I'd suggest that removing / installing, if that hasn't been tried already.

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