Calculate 80% Achievement at the End of Repeat Stack

  • Currently, we get the 80% correct reviews achievement after I think 10 cards (assuming we've maintained 80% for that long). It would feel more meaningful if lingvist waited until we got to the end of the repeat stack. I've gotten the 80% achievement and then fallen below it afterwards.. In that case, I don't feel like I've really 'earned' it.

  • @dev_temp I have 1195 words so far and around 60-200 cards on my repeat list when I start to learn. Most of my cards are the last ones I did. I don't get a lot of old ones.
    That's why I said that it would help to have a function to repeat easier (in my case older) cards if you want to reach 80%.

  • @ThePikmania obviously you have a small word stack so far, so you get a new card just after a few old ones. It's not the case for users with bigger stack like @goodbyemrevans-lingvist2 who obviously has a much bigger stack and has to go through a bunch of familiar words till he 'll get to new ones. And one practices regularly enough, there are good chances to recollect without a failure ten cards in a row.

  • Well it's hard to reach 80% after the first 10 cards anyway. At least for me... Because when you finally memorised a card a get it right a few times you just get a new card that you don't know. Which isn't bad don't get me wrong Lingvist it is exiting when I get a new word. 🙂 But when you are stuck at 70% after 200 cards it's not really possible to get to 80%.
    Atleast not without a function that lets you repeat easier cards.

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