France24 - Free 24 Hour News Service

I was actually looking for a good resource to practice listening myself and one of my French friends told me about France24.

They do a broadcast of a mixture of news, from French and global news, to fashion, sports, and economics. They're usually pre-recorded segments that loop, and they'll change the broadcast after so many loops (I haven't paid attention, but it may be something like every two hours) If there is an event going on (Like the presidential election) they do live discussions.

The vocabulary needed varies greatly, as they cover many different topics and events. They talk fairly fast, even for French, and unfortunately, there are not live subtitles.

Euronews has an app where you can access the same news in several European languages with accompanying text and audio.

Text too? That'd be a lot more helpful for my purposes

The new France24 stream (the old one is dead)

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