course has disappeared from my account

  • As of this morning I was half way through the French (from English) course (about 2500 words logged as known on my history). This afternoon I logged back on and the French course record had disappeared entirely from my account.
    This morning there was a glitch. I was logged on using an Apple mac. One of the questions wouldn't display enough answer spaces to type the complete word. I logged off and decided to try this afternoon from a different machine. When I logged on a few minutes ago I found that there was no record that I had ever been signed up to the French course. Is there a general site problem at the moment?

  • works@Lingvist

    Hey @glena4001, would you please go to your Account and check the email address, currently associated with it?
    0_1492528013839_Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 18.05.07.png
    It seems that you have accidentally created a new account (having picked Russian from English), therefore your previous history is missing. It is only slightly different from your first account, so it was easy to mistake the two.

    If you log in back with the original email, your history will be there.

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