How should I evaluate my progress in learning German?

  • Hi Lingvist team,

    I am from Taiwan, and I am learning German words by your product now. It's a cool way to help me memorize words. (It will be nicer if there is a Chinese version coming :))

    I now set a goal to gain 20 new words everyday. On average, I need to do like 120 cards to achieve this goal, sometimes even more. I don't know how the system decide when to give me the new ones. Sometimes I am frustrated cause I repeat the same words so many time. And it took me longer to achieve this goal day by day...

    Is there any suggestion about leaning German? Also I am really curious about the timing the system decide to send new words to me. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi @Chloe-Hsu , learning Gernam on Lingvist doesn't really differ a lot from learning any other language here. Most of your questions are answered here and here. Also, feel free to explore more hint in Q&A those might give you more insights.

    Good luck with your learning!

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