What is your favourite Russian word?

  • What is your favourite Russian word? Is it тоска or компот or something else? I'm curious to know 🙂

  • works@Lingvist

    @dev_temp totally made me say it. 😛

  • And, speculations aside, I want to assure everyone that it's not what I had on my mind. I definitely meant this kind of блат.

  • works@Lingvist

    I risk being expelled from this thread by the Russian linguist, but for the sake of frequency and because profanity is a powerful part of the Russian lexicon and is being equally studied by linguists, I must inform @Michael-0 that if he ever goes to Russia and hears блат pronounced as if with an umlaut, he should know it is profane and he should only use it against taxi drivers who are trying to charge him double.


    Nota bene : As documented in our Code of Conduct:

    We allow creative usage of swear words, as long as it looks like a piece of art and inspires for language learning! Same goes for images.

    I hope this was inspiring! (Thumbs up if it was please! 😂 )

  • Just a tiniest correction, @Michael-0. It definitely came from German, but it got "д" on the end along the way. So it's spelled "бутерброд". Also, there are lots of words borrowed from German that you may also like, for instance: шлагбаум, рюкзак, глюк (completely changed it's meaning) and so dear to a Russian soul word "блат".

  • Lingvist graduate

    My favourite Russian word is бутерброт. Easy to remember, if you are familiar with German 🙂

  • @dev_temp Thanks for explaining it! 🙂

  • @uzgeorg both are correct, but have different meaning:
    -мука́ is a flour;
    -му́ка is a torment, torture, pain and suffering. Has quite a range of meanings from "муки творчества" - meaning a kind of artistic suffering that creative people have to go through to create something novel and beautiful, to "вечных мук" - kind of suffering one would experience in hell in order to repent.
    So, which one is your word of choice?

  • @Sabina
    мУка or мукА ?

  • works@Lingvist

    Господа, игра окончена! 😄

    @Ganna-Bondarenko Ваш ответ лучший!!! 😂

    Because the gladiolus

  • Thanks for the input, @Marina! I'm looking for whatever words our users like the most in Russian. It doesn't necessarily have to be complicated or of a very advanced level. Simple things and simple words can be beautiful and meaningful as well 🙂

    So whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, let me know what your favourite words in the Russian language are 🙂

  • works@Lingvist

    @dev_temp I attended a marketing semiotics event last week and now everything has a meaning for me.

    Let's add, #учение-о-знаках. @Sabina, do you take phrases as well?

  • @Marina I'm flattered and amazed by a simple fact it has any meaning for you. Let's add "польщён" to the list, to give this thread a chance no to be led completely off.

  • works@Lingvist

    @dev_temp I feel complimented by you... 😊

  • works@Lingvist

    I was recently asked to give feedback about an event, and, when searching for a good word, I learned that "эпатаж" doesn't have an equivalent in English.


    Слово «эпатаж» соответствует жаргонному фр. épatage, «подножка» из русского выражения «дать/подставить подножку». Слово приводится в словарях арго, отсутствует в литературном французском, образовано от глагола фр. épater — ошеломлять, приводить в изумление (буквальное значение — «отколоть ножку [рюмки]»). Жаргонизм появился во Франции около 1835 года; в русский язык слово вошло в XIX веке вместе с желанием фр. épater les bourgeois («ошеломить буржуев»), которое проповедовали французские деятели искусства 1830-х годов. Во многих языках, включая английский, слово не имеет эквивалента.

    Would you take it as a Russian word, @Sabina, or were you looking for something like:

    • сизый
    • кров
    • брюзжать
    • сени
    • размозжить? 🙂

  • thats funny, what about "высокопревосходительство"? )))

  • @dev_temp This is a very interesting word indeed! Where did you learn it?

    Looking forward to other responses 🙂

  • @Sabina said in What is your favourite Russian word?:

    What is your favourite Russian word? Is it тоска or компот or something else? I'm curious to know 🙂

    Тоска? Come on! Where all that cheerfulness gone? How about "переподвыподверт"?

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