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    Before we continue creating posts for the Easy Spanish Grammar for English Speakers series, we have decided to make a little aside to ask you about Spanish idioms.

    alt text

    • Do you know any idioms in Spanish?

    • Would you like to know how to use expressions such as "¡que me quiten lo bailado!", "andar a la carrera" or "costar un ojo de la cara"?

    • Would you like to ask us about a specific idiom's meaning? Any usage rules, maybe?

    We would 💙 you to share your knowledge/questions/comments with us!

    ¡Os esperamos! 😉

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    ¡Hola @Kyle-Goetz!

    Thanks a lot for your super interesting input!

    Exactly, cortar el bacalao is a very common expression in Spanish. Did you know that the other expression you mentioned ("to wear the pants") exists in Spanish too? We say llevar los pantalones, so you can also say En mi casa mi madre es la que corta el bacalao / la que lleva los pantalones 😉

    ¡Feliz aprendizaje!

  • My favorite is cortar la bacalao for to wear the pants (in the family/relationship). Identify the person who's in charge of decisionmaking! In my Spanish classes in middle school we had a new phrase every week, and we were required to stand up and recite it. One week we had to know Mi papá corta la bacalao. Over twenty years later, I still remember it.

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    ¡Muchas gracias @Majiji!

    Si tienes alguna expresión más que quieras compartir con nosotros en esta misma sección o algo más que consideres de interés en cualquiera de las otras áreas del foro, no dudes en hacerlo.

    ¡Nos encanta interactuar con todos vosotros!

    Happy learning!

  • Here is one:
    Que la virgen les/te habla
    That the virgen (Mary) is talking to him/her/them

    We used it in Mexico when someone is faking ignorance

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