Some features available on some accounts and others not

Me and My brother are both big Fans of Lingvist, and especially the German course, But it seems that on the web version, there are some features that he has that I dont, for example, you can see the exact letter count in the answer box, and underneath there are the conjugation tables and the tips, while I never saw any of these features on my account.
This is quite frustrating and I would like to get access to those features also, what is going on?

@Youssef-Khalil while we are waiting for the official response, I have a couple of suggestions. First of all, you should try to clear your browser cache or just attempt to login from a different browser or in private mode in your loved one. If it helps, than your browser cache was preventing you from getting the updated. Though, I it doesn't, than it is possible that Lingvist is having some kind of A/B testing of new features and you and your brother are in a different test sets. In this case, you probably have to wait the end of the testing, so this feature will be available for all user. Personally, I never saw a character count in the answer box.

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