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  • Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this great learning method. My suggestion will be to cast the Lingvist Russian keyboard to a "real" Russian keyboard display. This might benefit user experience.


  • works@Lingvist

    To refresh this thread a bit for new learners, would like to update the keyboard situation:

    Current solution

    Phonetic keyboard
    The built-in Russian keyboard located in the bottom right corner of the card on web app remains to be a phonetic keyboard (which means that the Russian letters are positioned on the same keys as similarly sounding English letters). If you would like to learn the default typewriter layout, you can switch to a phone and add an original Russian keyboard there. ⬇

    Optional solutions

    The original RUS keyboard
    On iOS, add a Russian keyboard to your list of keyboards (Settings/General/Keyboard/Add New Keyboard). Once you have the keyboard added, the app will pick it automatically every time you open the English>Russian course.

    On Android
    - go to "Language and Input Settings" and tap "Default" under the "Keyboard & Input Methods"
    - tap "Set Up Input Methods" under the Choose Input Method pop-up
    - tap the "Settings" icon next to Android Keyboard (AOSP).

    Custom solutions

    For the layout of your choice see @MacDamien advice posted above:

    My russian keyboard is based on the exotic but sooo efficient « bépo » layout for a precise french input.

    To train your cursive:
    Use a "MyScript Stylus" hack suggested by another learner here.

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    I installed the keyboard layout of my choice and could (I have personally no need) print it on a sheet of paper and stick it on the wall, behind my computer.
    I think the russian phonetic is a very good choice for those who kows qwerty well.
    My russian keyboard is based on the exotic but sooo efficient « bépo » layout for a precise french input.
    (I can't upload a picture of it)

  • Hi @Alexis-Amet and @Simone-Baroke

    Sorry for the late reply. This topic was somehow lost among the other suggestions and comments. But it is a very valid question. We chose the phonetic keyboard layout because we thought it would be easier for learners as they don't have to memorize a new keyboard layout then.

    I'm sorry that we made things harder for you. We will discuss this issue and see what we can do 🙂

    Happy learning with Lingvist!

  • Yes, I think the on-screen keyboard provided should match the layout of a real Russian keyboard. I find it very confusing when the letters are in a totally different place compared to the keyboard on my mobile phone, for example. It takes me twice as long to complete a deck of 50 cards in Russian compared to when I did the French course, and that's because I'm forever searching for the letters. Looking at the same standardised format on all apps/websites would really help me to get faster.

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