My progress is frozen on 2/100 during learning

  • Hello, I've started to use lingvist about two or three days ago. I learn German from English. I had two or three successful runs with 100 and more lernt cards. But today after two cards the counter stopped at 2/100. So after every successful card nothing happens - 2 of 100 cards have been lernt. Also, at the first time, after some time it started to count further: 3/100, 4/100, ...7/100 and then again 2/100 ! After that, I cleared my cache, restarted browser, disabled Ublock, logged out/in, but it still counts only till 2 and then froze. At the same time, I found that my progress is in history. But I also found the only two cards were taught today.

  • I get this problem every once and a while and have for months.

  • It's my problem too


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